cslc ultherapy


The no-downtime option for overall lift.

Ultherapy is the only noninvasive treatment FDA-approved to lift and tighten skin with state-of-the-art microfocused ultrasound technology.

It’s tough to find a better no-downtime option for overall lift on the face, brows, neck, or chest.

A staff favorite, Ultherapy delivers subtle, natural, progressive results for your:

  • Eye area
    & brow
  • Cheeks
    & jawline
  • Jowls
    & neck
  • Chest

“I saw the most dramatic results from this treatment with little to no downtime.”

Brooke, CSLC Master Aesthetician

How Ultherapy Works


How we make it more comfortable

If you’ve researched Ultherapy, you may have read or heard it’s uncomfortable. We used to prescribe painkillers to take during treatment but with our in-office laughing gas (Pronox) and more advanced techniques, medication is no longer necessary! Ultherapy is easily tolerated.


45 to 90-minute procedure

Treatments take 45-90 minutes to complete. Rectangular boxes are drawn on the skin, and a precise number of pulses are performed in each rectangular box. The following day you can return to daily activities or work. Most patients experience some soreness (and occasional bruising) in the treated areas.


Collagen stimulation over time

Many patients see a tightening “boost” immediately and the best results are at 3-6 months when the skin-firming collagen stimulation is complete. Results are proven to last well over a year since new, healthy collagen has been established.

Utilizing ultrasound energy along with your body’s own natural healing process, Ultherapy focuses energy into the deep support layers of your skin, which respond instantly by contracting (shrinking) the tissue, then firming and smoothing over time.

1. Weakened Collagen Fibers
Over time, changes to the skin tissue result in lines, wrinkles and sagging skin.

How Ultherapy Works
Ultherapy 1

2. Ultrasound Energy is Delivered
Ultrasound energy is delivered noninvasively, triggering a natural response that stimulates new collagen growth.

Ultherapy 2

3. Tighter skin in 2-3 months
Results appear gradually over 2-3 months and improvements can continue for up to 6 months post-treatment.

Ultherapy 3