Laser Lift

The best nonsurgical alternative to a facelift

One of our most transformational procedures, Laser Lift reduces volume, lifts, and tightens skin on the lower face, along the jawline, and under the chin – all without the fuss and risk of a surgical facelift.

In a 30 to 45-minute in-office treatment, you can completely transform your chin, jowls and neck.

Whether you've got a double chin, sagging neck, or jowls due to gravity's effects over time, Laser Lift is THE treatment to change the shape of your face.

  • Reduce
  • Lift
  • Restore
    "V shape"
  • Tighten
  • Reduce
    Double Chin
  • Eliminate

"My sagging jawline was inherited. Laser Lift tightened my jaw and chin, and restored a youthful face shape."

Karmen, CSLC Master Aesthetician

How Laser Lift works


30-45 minutes, in office

Unlike traditional facelifts that require hospitalization and anesthesia (and weeks of downtime), Laser Lift is an in-office treatment that you can drive home from when you're done.


We numb your face and neck for comfort

Through a 2 millimeter opening in the skin, local anesthetic is used to numb the lower face and neck. Next, a fiber optic laser is inserted through the same opening to heat the skin and melt the fat in areas where it inevitably builds up with aging: the jowl area, below the chin, and front half of the neck. Finally, excess fat is gently suctioned away.


Skin tightening and minimal downtime

Not only does Laser Lift reduce volume, but the heat from the laser tightens skin so you aren't left with laxity. After the procedure, you'll wear a head wrap for 72 hours and can return to work after a weekend of downtime with no one the wiser.

Featured on "The Doctors," Laser Lift gives you dramatic tightening that lasts 5 years or more and permanent fat reduction under the chin and in the jowls. Most notice improvement within a few days and see continued tightening and smoothing for 6-12 months.

Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Lift