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Say goodbye to crepey eye and lip lines.

ThermiSmooth tightens and smooths the small, delicate areas of skin around the eyes and lips. A pain-free, no-downtime way to combat signs of aging.

Radiofrequency energy comfortably heats the deep layers of skin to 42-45°C. Just a few minutes instantly contracts collagen and stimulates fibroblast activity.

ThermiSmooth works beautifully on these small, but niggling areas:

  • Under eyes
    and crow's feet
  • Lip lines

“I noticed my fine lines had softened when my concealer no longer settled into them.”

Barbara, CSLC Client

What to expect with ThermiSmooth


Tiny wand, big results

After cleansing your treatment area, we use a tiny wand to heat the skin around your eyes or lips for just a few minutes.


Collagen boost over time

Over the course of 6 weeks, ThermiSmooth begins to rebuild your collagen and elastin, and results continue to improve in the months that follow.


Nonsurgical smoothing

ThermiSmooth is a nonsurgical way to firm and smooth the eyes. Unlike an eye lift, it won’t lift sagging skin. But it does soften and smooth the skin you have.


Relaxing and pain-free

With no downtime, ThermiSmooth is ideal for a fast lunchtime self-care treatment. You can use makeup immediately, and you’ll find the whole experience as relaxing as a hot stone massage.

Love ThermiSmooth? Similar treatments offer some instant improvement from collagen contraction, with the best results visible 3-4 months later. Venus for the face and neck, and ThermiVa for vaginal rejuvenation.

1. Collagen loss creates fine lines and lax skin.
Every year after age 20 we lose 1% of our collagen, and in our 30s it becomes visible in the form of sagging, fine lines and lack of firmness.

2. Magnetic pulsed fields and radio frequency energy help restore firmness.
Treatments with RF energy “injure” the skin, which convinces our bodies to “repair the wound” and produce new collagen through the process of neocollagenesis.

ThermiSmooth FAQ