Smoother, tighter skin with minimal downtime

The ResurFX laser is ideal for those who desire the results of laser resurfacing without the downtime of CO2 resurfacing. ResurFX is a staff favorite for smoothing crow’s feet and fine lines.

“The advantage the more mature client has is she’s comfortable in her own skin.”

Helen, CSLC patient

How ResurFX works


Tiny, managed injuries
rejuvenate skin

ResurFX uses state-of-the-art, non-ablative fractional laser technology to improve uneven skin tone, smooth acne scars, and reduce fine lines. As the laser passes over the skin, microthermal injuries are created in the dermis. As the wounds heal, collagen production is stimulated resulting in new healthy skin cells.


Laser technology
with minimal downtime

Unlike the fractionated CO2 laser (FX), which has 5 days of downtime, ResurFX has only 1-2 days of mild downtime (the treated area appears sunburned post-treatment with possible swelling).


Repeat in a series for
more dramatic results

For the most dramatic results, ResurFX is performed in a series of treatments or it can be used as an individual treatment to freshen up aging skin. All ResurFX treatments at CSLC include a complimentary IPL treatment to fade stubborn brown spots at the same visit.