Stubborn spots? We erase them with ease.

Whether on your face, hands, or body, CryoCorrect can erase those persistent age spots that resist other forms of treatment.

“I couldn’t believe a spot that had been bugging me for 5 years could be erased in 5 seconds.”

Janine, CSLC client

How CryoCorrect works


The no-scar alternative

Dermatologists use liquid nitrogen to perform cryosurgery. While this is effective, it commonly harms surrounding skin and leaves a scar. CryoCorrect uses CO2 to perform cryotherapy at a lower temperature, with decreased risk of injuring surrounding tissue for a more aesthetically pleasing result.


Freeze a spot in 5-8 seconds

CryoCorrect is an in-office treatment that freezes a spot in 5-8 seconds. Discomfort is minimal and multiple spots can be treated at one visit.


Transformation in just 3 weeks

Following treatment, the spot will turn to a small superficial scab. The scab will fall off in 1-3 weeks, leaving a faded spot or pink, new, healthy skin. Most lesions require 1-3 treatments.

CryoCorrect FAQ