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Liquid Lift

Get a lift without surgery.

As we age, we lose facial volume. Take a look at picture of yourself from even 5 years ago and you'll see it.

We've been injecting fillers for more than 15 years. We're the top provider in the state of Michigan for both Restylane and Sculptra.

Liquid Lift as a combination treatment approach helps address your face as a whole, targeting:

  • Jowls
  • Sagging temples
  • Loose jawline
  • Sunken eyes

Liquid Lift works as a combination treatment.



Novathreads provide scaffolding to support sagging skin.



Lyft and Voluma are ideal products for lifting sagging cheeks and defining the jawline.


Restylane & PRF

Restylane and platelet-rich fibrin naturally replace volume loss in the under eye hollows.



Sculptra stimulates your own collagen for graceful, long lasting lift and volume replacement in the temples, cheeks, and jawline.

Experts agree the most beautiful faces in the world have a "V-shape" or youthful triangle with natural fullness in the temples and lateral cheeks and a more narrow, defined jawline.
We start losing collagen and volume around age 25.

Doing 1-2 vials of Lyft, Voluma or Sculptra provides some lift while the general rule of thumb is a vial per decade of life annually provides a much better result. (50 years = 5 vials)

Want to see some results? Come in for a complimentary consultation.

All team members at CSLC over the age of 35 have been doing volume replacement with Sculptra, Lyft or Voluma.

How does it work?

  1. Liquid Lifts are performed just like dermal fillers.
  2. Topical anesthetic medicine is applied prior to treatment.
  3. After a consultation with your provider, the product is precisely placed in the areas of concern.
  4. Although bruising is possible, there is much less bruising than in years past since we use cannulas to place most of our fillers.
  5. Treatments take just about 20-30 minutes depending on how many areas we are rejuvenating.
  6. The lift is immediate and improves over time. Liquid Lift results last about 1-2 years.