miraDry Sweat Reduction

Wear anything without embarrassment

The life-changing treatment for underarm odor and sweat

MiraDry is the only FDA approved device for the permanent reduction of sweat, odor, and hair in the underarm area.

For years we've prescribed prescription antiperspirant and injected Botox for underarm sweating, but miraDry has put those two on the back burner.

  • 1-2
  • 1 hour
    per treatment
  • Non-invasive
  • Little or no
  • Local anesthetic
    numbs the area
  • Results last
    a lifetime

"Total game-changer. No more sweat stains on my work shirts."

Chris, CSLC miraDry patient

How miraDry works


Your armpit area is numbed

On the day of treatment, we numb your armpits with local anesthetic.


1 hour for a lifetime of relief

We treat your armpits externally with electromagnetic waves, which targets the underarm sweat & odor glands and destroys them permanently.


Minimal downtime

Most patients report a few days of soreness afterward, which is easily treated with Ibuprofen and ice. You'll see results immediately: no more sweating, no more stained shirts.

MiraDry is the perfect permanent solution for anyone consistently bothered by underarm sweat and wants to be free from all of the discomfort, worry, clothing stains, and stress it causes. The results last a lifetime!