evolve fat reduction


Simultaneously shrink fat, tighten skin, and define and build muscle.

Evolve is the only FDA-approved, hands-free, non-surgical treatment platform to tighten sagging skin (TITE), build muscle tone (TONE), and reduce subdermal fat (TRIM).

Evolve delivers non-invasive, high-quality,
total tissue body contouring.

EVOLVE tightens, tones, and trims the:

  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Flanks
  • Chest
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks

How Evolve works

The Evolve platform, available in our Traverse City and Petoskey centers,
delivers 3 proprietary technologies on 1 system – TITE, TONE, and TRIM.


Tighten skin

Tite utilizes bipolar radiofrequency to maintain the skin of the treated area at a constant 40-43°C, which improves circulation, stimulates collagen, and firms loose skin.


Tone muscles

Tone utilizes electromagnetic stimulation causing muscles to contract, leading to increased muscle size and muscle fibers.



Trim utilizes bipolar radiofrequency to maintain the skin at a constant 40°C, which tightens skin while simultaneously destroying  fat cells with electrophoresis.

“Evolve is the perfect modality for people of normal weight who take care of their bodies and want smoother, tighter skin, more toned, defined muscles, and a little fat reduction.”

Courtney Lo, Founder

What is Evolve TITE?

For body skin tightening that lasts

EVOLVE TITE uses radiofrequency energy to painlessly raise the temperature of the skin to 40-43˚C throughout the 20-30 minute treatment. Up to 8 hands-free applicators are secured over the area we're treating, delivering even heat through all skin layers.

This RF heating stimulates collagen production and contraction of the dermis - the deeper, structural layer of the skin. Results are visible after 4 once-a-week treatments and should be maintained every few months. Adding Ultherapy or Morpheus to the treatment will improve the tightening.

What is Evolve TONE?

tone and build your muscles without going to the gym

EVOLVE TONE is an external muscle building treatment that’s faster and more effective than the gym for localized areas. This treatment builds stronger, more defined muscles and is commonly performed on the abdomen, buttocks, and arms. 

Up to 4 hands-free applicators are secured in the treatment area, then the device emits electromagnetic energy to stimulate muscle contractions that feel similar to exercise for about 30 minutes. Results are visible after 4 weekly treatments and should be maintained with exercise and/or maintenance treatments.

What is Evolve TRIM?

the no-downtime treatment that simultaneously reduces fat and tightens skin

EVOLVE TRIM is a quick and easy nonsurgical alternative to liposuction that reduces dimpled skin, eliminates fat, and improves skin elasticity. During treatment, up to 6 applicators are secured to the treatment area and deliver two different technologies: electrophoresis and radiofrequency. 

Radiofrequency keeps the skin at the optimal 40-43˚C to stimulate collagen production and shrink the dermis, while electrophoresis (painless electric current) perforates and destroys fat cells. Results are visible after 4 weekly treatments and improve for an additional 6 weeks.

The fat destruction of Evolve is permanent, and a healthy diet and exercise regimen helps protect your investment. Remember our consultations are always complimentary.

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