amanda PA

Physician Associate, Medical Lead

Amanda, PA-C

Amanda is our Medical Lead Physician Associate in the Petoskey CSLC. After working in obstetrics and gynecology and medical spa center, Amanda brought her experience and expertise to Northern Michigan and joined CSLC and RegenCen.

Amanda is part of our #1 Sculptra in America and top 25 Galderma injectors team ranked nationwide. An injection expert in Petoskey, she’s passionate about collaborating with patients to create personalized treatment plans that incorporate the most advanced aesthetic techniques and treatments – as well as evidence-based medicine – to help them meet their aesthetic and regenerative goals.

Amanda is frequently seen at our Botox Bar in Petoskey, offering complimentary aesthetic consults, and performing liquid lifts and thread lifts.

“I just want to see everyone achieve an ideal, natural result” she says. A Central Michigan University Bachelors and Masters degree graduate, Amanda is a Midland, MI native, and is excited to now call Petoskey, Michigan her home.